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Our Editorial Process

Whether you are new to or a seasoned reader, you may question the reliability of the information. After all, there are a number of Bible sites out there, and as with any content website, it can be hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. It is critically important that you understand the procedures I undertake to ensure my information is both newsworthy and accurate.

I pledge that the content at is informative, accurate and written by professional writers.

Keep in mind that when GodsVerse first launched the content was written by AI. This content is slowly being phased out so that it is written by real authors who practice Christianity. You may find a few inconsistencies while this transition occurs.

The website covers a broad range of topics about Christianity including

  • Bible Verses
  • Prayers
  • Church resources
  • Hymns and Psalms
  • Biblical interpretations
  • Bible Study topics and characters

Our commitment to ethics, law

GodsVerse is committed to reporting on its subjects accurately and fairly. We focus on an impartial approach to documenting events involving Christianity and Bible Study topics. We write in an entertaining and informative style and when we offer our own opinion on a matter we make it known.

Our editorial team

Every contributing writer at GodsVerse is an expert in both Christianity and writing. The writers are practicing Christians and many write content and sermons about Christianity regularly.

You can view more about the GodsVerse team here.

Where we get our information

Our in-depth of knowledge and experience allow me to draw upon excellent sources of information. Often, my news stories and information flow directly from primary sources. We spend a lot of time researching my articles. Sources I use include the bible, podcast interviews, books, courses and YouTube presentations. We also include my own church experience.

When we report specific statistics, we make sure to mark the data source used. We only used accredited data sources for our data.

Godsverse is not a gossip website, and we do not see any value in sensationalizing any part of our reporting.

Our editorial process

Simply writing down information from primary sources is not sufficient for our readers, however. Every word published onsite undergoes a rigorous editorial procedure. We make sure to review materials for both factual accuracy and grammatical errors.

In addition, each article on GodsVerse receives an independent review from me, the managing editor and founder of the site. I will always credit the original source for any information I use in my reporting. I do not publish user-generated content or accept submissions.


Our writers, editors, experts, observers, search engine professionals and content managers read through everything we publish. Any facts we state are subject to review and examination by everyone in the loop.

If a piece of content undergoes a rewrite, the article goes through the same process, which includes fact-checking, copyediting, and final reviews by GodVerse’s content managers.

Ad placement

Thank you for your desire to advertise on GodsVerse. Please reach out to us for more details.

When errors happen

Of course, there’s no denying that I do make errors in my reporting from time to time. As with any human endeavor, it’s impossible to be perfect. If you encounter an error or inaccuracy in one of my articles, we ask that you reach out to us so we can review the error in question.

How I make money and conflicts of interest

GodsVerse is an affiliate site and publisher. The advertising and fees allow us to provide you with useful information and guides on Christianity, Bible verses and Bible study topics.

Although I may promote certain sites over others, I do not report information on my site that is not entirely accurate. Furthermore, I do not omit or exclude reporting on a site. My how-to guides and reviews are never informed by partner considerations.

Feedback and suggestions

If you read something in one of my articles that does not match your experience, I want to hear from you. If a deal I promoted turns out to not be accurate, then I want to know about it as soon as possible. If you had a positive experience, I also want to hear about that.

You can share your suggestions and feedback by filling in the form contact us section of the site.